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We offer a 101 day guarantee on all products sold.

If somethings wrong, let us know and we’ll get it sorted.

Your safe buying from a reputable brand who’s goal is to get you the best wipers and provide extraordinary customer service!

Safer Driving with Better Visibility

Windscreen Wiper Blades, Roadworthiness and Safe Driving

One of the most important requirements for safe driving is seeing where you are going and having a clear view of the road in all types of weather and driving conditions.

We all understand the importance of a clean windscreen; yet often neglect checking that our windscreen wiper blades are in effective working condition –until we need them and it is too late!

Wiper Blade Refills

Did you say Refillable? What does it mean?

We sell the complete wiper blade assembly (some call it the wiper arm), this includes the wiper blade rubber that makes contact with your windscreen.

We’ve made a provision on some of our wiper blades so that if you ever wanted to refill them at a later stage, you have the option to do so.

All  you need to do is purchase refills with your wiper blades at the time of purchasing, this ensures the wiper blade assembly we send you includes the option to allow rubber to be removed/replaced without having to disassemble the entire wiper blade.

Currently, the refill option is only available for our front wiper blades.

A win-win for mother nature and your back pocket!

Visit our website at  http://www.uniwiper.com.au

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