Off Road Trucks Australia Supplier Of Tatra Trucks

Off Road Trucks Australia Supplier Of Tatra Trucks
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Exclusive supplier of TATRA trucks in Australasia

At Offroad Trucks Australia, if there’s one thing we know well its trucks.

That’s why we choose to only partner with the best off road truck manufacturer in the world, TATRA, to offer you the most powerful and reliable workhorse you’ll ever need.

For over 25 years we have stuck by the one brand that continues to single-handedly outperform the rest, amongst the harshest conditions and toughest terrains you’ll ever encounter.

We’re just as passionate about TATRA Trucks as we are helping you.

And we can prove it too.

As the only importer and distributor of TATRA trucks in all of Australasia, you can be sure you’re getting the best service at every single touch point, even after your truck hits the ground running.

TATRA takes you further

No other truck in the world compares to the innovative design and drive of a heavy duty TATRA truck.

Purpose built for off road environments, there’s really nothing a TATRA can’t handle. .

With the ability to customise truck specifications according to your use, it’s no surprise why it continues to be the universal choice for a wide range of industries such as Defence, Mining, Fire Fighting, Forestry, Oil and Gas and Construction.

With over 125 years of research, design and manufacturing brilliance to draw upon, TATRA trucks continue to evolve their original unique chassis concept, for today’s range of powerful trucks.

For decades this unique concept, which originated in the Czech Republic, has inspired other manufacturers’ chassis designs all over the globe, but none have even come close to outperforming the innovative technology that TATRA is renowned for.

Durable and reliable chassis

You’ve never known a truck to work so hard, until you’ve put your pedal to the metal on a TATRA. Its robust chassis structure is what makes it the most popular choice for heavy duty off road applications.

The independently suspended swinging half axles, together with the powerful engine and combined all wheel drive suspension system, ensures your truck has:

Highly effective vibration absorption
Greater operability on heavy terrain
Higher off road travel speed in various operating conditions

After Hours Spare Parts

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