Gazz Of All Trades

Gazz Of All Trades
Availability: 2 Days
Warranty: Limited

We’ll do our best to deliver same-day service

Practical interior work:

Keep your home in full function with our range of interior services including ceiling repairs, painting, plastering, tiling, furniture assembling, doors installation and fittings and tap and washer replacement.

Beautiful outdoor work:

Our outdoor services are as useful as they are attractive. Some of our popular jobs including fencing, gardening, bricklaying, paving, fixing security, removing trees and refitting flywire.

Although we can handle most repairs around the house, we don’t provide service for license work, including electrical jobs and plumbing. However, we can handle small fixes, like changing taps and washers and repairing light globes.

Our easy service process:

Except for licensed work, we can handle any building service including ceiling repairs, painting, fencing, tiling, gardening, bricklaying, paving, installing security fixtures, removing trees, assembling furniture and plastering. We can also help with doors and fittings, fly wire refitting, tap and washer replacement and any other trade or service.


We’re committed to making the service process as easy as possible. Simply call for an over the phone estimate and we’ll arrange to inspect your site for a more accurate quote.


We’re happy to make same-day appointments for more urgent repairs. Because we travel with our tools, we can conduct many repairs on the spot. For more complicated jobs, we’ll confirm a reasonable project timeline with you.


Once we complete a job, we perform a quality assurance check to ensure your utmost satisfaction.

We service Beechboro and the surrounding Perth suburbs.

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