At Perthtrades.com.au we connect businesses and homeowners with local trades people based on location, job skills and a range of other factors that people are looking for.

How Perthtrades works for you:

Customer comes to the Perthtrades website and submits details about the job they want completing listing the category and state.
An email is then sent to the tradesman in the state and category that the job is listed in.
Make sure the email you use to register is on your smart phone then you can price jobs on the go.
We send the job to relevant perthtrades trades people who can complete the job.
Trades from perthtrades get in contact with the customer or business to submit a quote.
Tradie from perthtrades wins the job and does the work.
Customer submits feedback on perthtrades.

About Perthtrades:

After promoting websites online for many years we have developed a website that allows consumers to connect with businesses all over Australia without having to search for hours. Perthtrades allows businesses to connect with customer without the need for any marketing experience or paying out for newspaper advertising that doesn’t work in the age of the smart phone were people can connect to you instantly.
We are very good at social media marketing which allows us to get you the customer and tradesman connected.
As the jobs are posted from perthtrades we are passing them by email to trades people in an instant making for a positive experience for all.

Why Perthtrades is different:

We connect our customers who are seeking to have a job done in the areas we have trades.
We are fair we want you the customer to have the best experience in finding a tradesman for the job,but we don’t also want the tradesman paying a ridiculous amount of money to get to quote your job.
Customers don’t get quotes, trades are paying expensive memberships for a hit and hope approach.
we understand that location, budget, distance, skills all contribute to value of a job, so why price jobs from a single price list, when the tradesman can pay a one off fee each Year to quote as many jobs as they want to.
If you want a trade category / job type we will do our best to accommodate, after all you know what jobs you want to do better than anyone so don’t hesitate to contact us if your category isn’t listed.

Reasons to join Perthtrades:

Pay a Yearly fee that allows you to quote unlimited jobs as they are posted straight to your smart phone or email.
Make a great profile which is listed in the directory.
Leads are generated from social media and advertising so our trades get the best possible coverage.
Fair pricing calculated to be cheaper than the newspaper and other trade sites were you pay per lead.
Don’t forget to like us on all social media platforms, that way we grow together.

Perthtrades Pricing:

As we are new we thought lets kick this off the right way by making some money for us which allows for advertising, time and effort to find you the jobs you need.
But give it to you at a price that cant be beaten and gives you those much needed jobs to price.
We haven’t loads of different prices, just one ab unbelievable $100 a year to quote as much as you want.
Nothing else to pay.

One year – $100.00 A Year – which is under $2.00 a week for unlimited quoting.

Were not a fancy site but we get you the jobs!!!

Don’t forget to sign in every week and add your pictures and write a bit about the job you have just finished,then add your name to our blog this helps us and helps you.

Signup, add your information, get job leads sent to you and if you like what you see go ahead and quote if not, there will be other jobs just around the corner.

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